Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Mundaring - Issue No.: 703 Issue Date: 3 Jul, 2022

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Clare's London Experience

Clare Bradley’s LIYSF presentation

'On the  21st  July, I,  with nine  other Australians, flew to London  to  attend the  London  International Youth Science  Forum.

LIYSF is program for 350 students from  across the  globe  aged seventeen to twenty-one  who are  either studying  science  in  high  school  or in  university. I didn’t entirely  know what to  expect from  the  forum, but was amazed  by the  lectures  we  were  given  and  the  scientific research establishments we visited.  At the  start of  the  forum, although I was sure  I  would  pursue  a  career in  science,  I  was still uncertain  as  to  which  field.  I  hoped  that  the  forum  would  help  me  to  decide.  I  was  given  vast opportunities to explore different scientific arenas, such as when I visited the Chemical Engineering Department at Imperial  College, and the  Engineering  Department at  Oxford  University.

I was also privileged to visit a space science laboratory run by the University College of London, which was building mechanical and  electrical components for satellites. As LIYSF students, we were allowed to see parts of research establishments not normally open to the public. We attended many lectures as part of the forum, from many prestigious speakers. They covered a  wide  range  of topics such as dark  matter,  medicines  in  third  world  countries,  photomedicine,  the  need  to  reduce  our  carbon consumption in  an increasingly  industrial  world  and gene  therapy. We  engaged  in student debates on  controversial  topics,  such  as  whether  or  not   there  should  be  collaboration  between  the  core sciences, and whether or not globalisation has caused us to compromise our scientific ethics.

Through the forum’s social program, I was able to meet people from all around the world. I can now say that I have friends in Norway, Belgium, UK, Israel and even Guernsey!

After the two-week  forum, thirty  of the  students, including  myself,  went on the  CERN trip,  in  which we  visited Paris  and  Geneva  for  three  days  each.  In Paris,  we  investigated  the  largest  science  museum  in Europe. We  spent most of our  the  time  in  Geneva  at CERN,  an  international  scientific  organisation responsible  for  creating  the  Internet and the Large  Hadron  Collider. All of us were very excited  to underground  and  see the  latter  during  our stay!

LIYSF was the most amazing weeks  of  my  life. I would consider the highlight to be meeting so many amazing people with almost identical interests to me. Although still not entirely sure what to pursue as a career, I have a much better idea of which areas of science interest me.'

Author: Larraine Deacon

Published: 16 November, 2013


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